(updated 09 Aug 2011)

Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
09 Aug 2011

    On May17th 2011the Chapter presented several awards to ELLA DELOHONDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (in Metairie, LA.) for their outstanding support of our Annual Mardi Gras Parade (March 8th – see the Summer Issue of THE DROP). The Fourth Grade Class collected several thousand “Beads”, bundled them in batches of a dozen and donated them for the Honorees. Five CHAPTER XXX COMMENDATION AWARDS were presented. Firstly to principal MATHILDE WEMBERLY for the school. Then for a couple of individual outstanding contributions by Students; JOLI LINDSAY for her letter to “Dear Troops” (see copy on our website click the Mardi Gras Link) and ENGLEBERT DELGADO for his cash donation – the amount was small but for someone his age it was significant and heartfelt. Next to the teachers who supervised the project DEBORAH REIS and PEGGY VILLAMARETTE. (See photos). Chapter XXX members present were HENRY COOK and BOB MOREAU.
    The US ARMY’S 236TH BIRTHDAY - June 14th, 2011 was celebrated locally on June 10th with festivities held by the US Army Recruiting Battalion, at their headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA. There were speeches by local and state elected officials, equipment displays and demonstrations for the large crowd of people. Also free food and soft drinks were served plus a BIG BIRTHDAY CAKE. The Commander, LTC JOSE TORRES welcomed all the guest and spoke with Chp XXX members LLOYD STOUT & BOB MOREAU with wife JUDI.
    Chapter XXX held its QTRLY Meeting on Saturday July 23rd at the DEUTSCHES HAUS in Metairie, LA. A few members that had tours in Germany were pleased to see the decorations and items of German heritage. This was especially true for the variety of German Beers available along with the large collection of BEER STEINS on display. Everyone did a lot of “catching up” with each other since our last meeting. After the buffet luncheon a business meeting was conducted with the usual type matters discussed. Turnout was light with a total of twenty persons attending; Jim & Mitzi, Jack & Janet, Henry & daughter Collette, Russ & Susan, Tom, Mike, Mykel, Tony L., Bob & Judi, Tony R., Willie & Vita, Lloyd and David & Becky. Ernest Bryant stopped by but couldn’t stay.
    Our SF brothers and good friends in Chapter LXXXI (81) Breaux Bridge, LA. on May 14th dedicated a MONUMENT TO SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIORS and will enhance it next year. The project was spearheaded by JOHNNY RAYMOND. Attendees included Special Operations Veterans as well as local and state elected officials. It can be seen on FACEBOOK under “Special Forces Monument at Breaux Bridge and check out a related article at:
The keynote speaker was ROLAND D. GUIDRY, author of “THE GUTS TO TRY”, the story of
“DESERT 1”. Closing remarks were by Chapter XXX member HENRY COOK.

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