(updated 10 Aug 2013)

Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
10 Aug 2013

 The Chapter conducted a MEMORIAL DAY CEREMONY on May 25th differently this year. It was near the town of Chipola, LA. (located 46 miles NE of Baton Rouge, LA) at the Clinton Cemetery about two miles away. It’s not a large or well known area but one just as deserving of honor and respect on this day. The ceremony here was initiated by member EARNEST BRYANT to honor two local men KIA in Viet Nam. He wanted to have an “old fashioned home town parade” to honor not only these two relatives but all KIAs, MIAs and Veterans in general. The ceremony began at 1100 hrs and included a Joint Services Color Guard arranged by one of the Chapter’s staunch supporters USA CSM DEL HOSKINS from the 377th TSC. After the ceremony was done the soldiers, Chapter members and the large civilian crowd went to an “All You Can Eat BBQ” in nearby Clinton, LA. It was a huge success and everyone “Passed a Good Time”

Our quarterly meeting was on Saturday July 27th once again at FRENIERE LANDING in LaPlace, LA. President RUSS COPPING called the meeting to order at 1100 hrs followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation by RON MONCE. The minutes of our previous meeting were accepted, and a treasurer’s report given. TED ELLISON reported on the major items discussed at the SFA Convention in San Antonio, TX on 6-30 June and also commented on attending the 82nd Airborne Association Convention in Lafayette, LA on 6-9 June. EARNEST BRYANT was recognized for the Memorial Day Ceremony and spoke on it, thanking CSM HOSKINS for having the Color Guard present. The President recognized CSM HOSKINS and his replacement CSM DOCK WHITAKER who pledged to continue working closely with Chapter XXX.

RUSS then introduced our newest SFA LIFE Member DONALD GRAYSON who in May 2013 celebrated being 90 years young. Everyone applauded and cheered in recognition.

The President then introduced two soldiers of the LOUISIANA NATIONAL GUARD’S JACKSON BARRACKS MILITARY MUSEUM, CPT HEATHER ENGLEHART (Museum Director) and SPC JOSH BARNETT (PAO). CPT ENGLEHART explained the museum is developing a section on the former CO D 20th SFG(A) LANG (July 1959 to May 1972) and displayed a few pictures and articles on the unit from that time. The museum will record oral and video histories the former members and will welcome the donation of any equipment / artifacts. The dates and contact information for the interviews will sent to the former members in Chapter XXX as well as any others. All former members are invited to participate. NOTE; Chapter XXX has 27 members who served in CO D 20th.

Members present: Jim & Mitzi, Earnest, Russ, Ed, Donald, Mike, Mykel-Ruth-Gabe, Morty, Bruce, Ron, Bob & Judi, Lester, Tony & Sandy, Lloyd, Robert, Owen, CSM Hoskins, CSM Whitaker, CPT Englehart, SPC Barnett and Sherman.

OUR MEETINGS ARE ON THE 4th SATURDAY in the months of JAN, APR, JUL & OCT. If you’re in the area Please Feel Free to Visit With Us. Check our website for the location of each meeting.

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