(updated 08 Feb 2011)

Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
08 Feb 2011

    On New Year’s Eve 2010 several members met at Jim & Mitzi’s lovely home in LaPlace, LA. Mitzi had prepared her usual array of food and desserts while the guests each brought a dish or two. It was a great party, lots of good cheer, conversation and a “ton” of food. The fireworks began around 2330 hrs when Lloyd Stout started with his collection and a couple other guys joined in. At midnight everyone toasted the year with champagne. (See Photo)
    Our Quarterly Meeting was held January 15th 2011 once again at Cris Mandry’s Boathouse in the New Orleans Marina. We had two “surprise visitors” from Chapter 81 in Breaux Bridge, LA. – John Arceneaux and Bobby Martin. It was really good to see these old friends once again after so many years.
    All the members and guests were socializing, moving around, talking and enjoying each other’s company. When lunch was ready Hy McENERY gave a blessing and everyone had their fill of a big meal; BBQ chicken, sausage, baked beans, potato salad and garlic bread. Praise to the Cook.      
    The Chapter business was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a minute of silence for the fallen soldiers and the WIAs of our Armed Forces in the Mid East Conflicts. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved, the treasurer’s report given, guests introduced, reminded all of the SFA Convention coming up in June and a brief discussion of the SFA Voting Issue concerning the By-Laws. Chapter XXX received a Certificate of Appreciation from the CO, 2/20th SFG(A) MS NG for the donation we made last meeting. It was then passed around for everyone to see. Bob Moreau and Jim Anthony gave an update on our annual HELP HOST A HERO FOR MARDI GRAS 2011. The Honorees have acknowledged they’re coming, details being handled and almost half the necessary donations have been received. But we still need a lots more donations for these Combat Veterans to ride, so any help you can give will be appreciated. Check out the MARDI GRAS LINK on our Website
    The Re-Designed CHAPTER XXX COIN (see photo) was presented for sale which kept our New QM TED ELLISON pretty busy. We’d be remiss not to give a HUGE THANK YOU and an “AIRBORNE” to our past QM, Lloyd Stout who handled this job so well for many years and was always there when we needed him.
Our guest speaker, Jeff Winn is a Captain in the New Orleans Police Dept and a USMCR Gy Sgt who was deployed in 2003. Jeff was Commander of the NOPD’s Special Operations Division during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He gave a very knowledgeable and informative Power Point Presentation on the rescue operation after Katrina that captured everyone’s attention. It was so goodthat even those of us who experienced it and its aftermath first hand were impressed.
    Most of the attendees are shown (and named) in the photos, those who weren’t are; Jim A.,Steve G., Bob M., Hy McEnery, Tom T. and Lee R.

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