(updated 16 Feb 2013)

Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
16 Feb 2013

    The Chapter had seven activities this period. January 15th HENRY COOK was featured speaker at the Houma, LA. Regional Military Museum. Our members who visited it were impressed at the quality of exhibits. Check out their website: On January 26th We held our quarterly meeting once again at member CRIS MANDRY’S Boathouse in the New Orleans Marina. He has many military/SF photos from his deployments to Afghanistan with the 2/20th SFGA. After the buffet luncheon chapter business undertaken was reports on; Annual Members Renewals, Treasury, Houma Museum, SFA convention, Veterans Day Parade and upcoming Mardi Gras Parade. ERNEST BRYANT spoke about a Memorial Day activity on May 27th and asked for volunteers to participate.
   Guest DAVE GATT, Commander American Legion Chapter, LaPlace, LA talked about a Family Day Activity on February 23rd for a local LA NG unit deploying to Afghanistan in March. Guest CSM DEL HOSKINS, 377th USA TSC spoke about programs of veterans assistance for returning soldiers adjustment back to civilian life. Also the LA Lt Governor’s office initiative to “Hire A Hero”. Member HY McENERY spoke (with pictures) about his recent tour in Afghanistan. Member MYKEL HAWKEYE talked briefly about his two TV shows; Travel Channel’s “Get Lost” with his wife RUTH, plus Outdoor Channel’s “ELITE TACTICAL UNIT”. He also explained the Knife he designed and sells through Smoky Mountain Knife Works.
   President RUSS COPPING reported the death of member MARION SIMPSON (A421) on December 23, 2012. RICHARD KUNTZ commented on MARION’S long service in the LA ARMY NG and the book he wrote “DOCTOR DEATH” mostly about experiences in Viet Nam.
   MARDI GRAS’S Five Activities with the KREWE OF ARGUS. 1) January 27th at their DEN, purchase the ‘throws’ for HONOREES. 2) February 8th formal GALAXY BALL with twelve of the Honorees and five of their wives in attendance. 3) February 10th the CAPTAIN’S PARTY (by invitation only) with five Honorees. 4) February 11th at a marshalling area, load the ‘throws’ on the float, unpack them and put on the hanging hooks. 5) February 12TH MARDI GRAS DAY [aka “FAT TUESDAY”]; 0700 Krewe breakfast, 0830 short ceremony with the King, Queen and Royal Court, 0915 get on the float, at 1000 the parade began before an estimated 850,000 viewers (smaller than usual crowd due to threat of rain) ending at 1400 when everyone disembarked and went to the Post Parade Party.
   Our goal is to have twenty combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan ride at No Cost to them. The Parade is sponsored by the generous donations of patriotic corporations, small businesses and individuals. Donations are used only for the parade. See more info on our website The float was donated to Chapter XXX in 2004 by the late Patrick Taylor and his widow Phyllis Taylor. It was designed in a military style with a replica of the BRONZE BRUCE on the front.

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