Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
09 May 2008

       Chapter XXX had another active quarter. The month of February was very busy with our Annual Mardi Gras Parade. This year we had a VIP Honoree JON CAVAIANI, SGM (RET) a MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT who served with the Special Forces in Viet Nam. See his citation at We were honored for him to be our special guest. Jon attended all the Krewe of Argus activities; Feb 1st he was featured at the Argus Galaxy Ball during some live entertainment, Feb 3rd at the ARGUS CAPTIAN’S PARTY, on Monday Feb 4th when the “Throws” (beads, doubloons and other trinkets) were loaded on the floats and everyone enjoyed music, food, drinks. On Tuesday Feb 5th was the Annual Krewe of Argus Mardi Gras Parade along Veterans Memorial Blvd in Metairie, LA. Jon was surprised and pleased at the public’s response and really enjoyed the experience. The other HONOREES (see photo w/names) also shared these feelings. Chapter XXX riders were, Henry Cook, Mike Johnson, Bob Moreau and Lloyd Stout. The day’s activities were filmed by Correspondent & Producer Charlie Whinham from Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Baton Rouge, LA. Who made a six-minute video and featured it on his news show.
     On March 26th Henry & Nancy Cook, Bob & Judi Moreau with Mike Johnson attended a luncheon for OPERATION HOMEFRONT SUPPORT an initiative of the 2/20th SFGA MS NG ( that provides humanitarian assistance to US Military in the GWOT as well as the local civilians (mostly in Afghanistan). LTC Cris Mandry (Chp XXX member) the Bn Surgeon for the 2/20th, presented a video/picture program “True Tales from Afghanistan” from his recent deployment. The founders of OHS, Pres. Geary Mason, & director Brandon Haynie hosted the luncheon. Both became members of Chp XXX a few months ago.
On Apr 19th, “Tax Party Crawfish Boil” by member Mike Johnson, an annual party given for his clients, friends and Chp XXX members and spouses. It’s a big feast, with lots of boiled Crawfish, hamburgers, hot dogs etc and every one having a great time.
     Our Quarterly Meeting on Apr 26th was at the Gillis W. Long Center, (a LA NG facility) in the Silo Club. After lunch a business meeting was held then our Guest Speaker, Tom Simmons gave a very interesting talk on how WWI events led to the conditions that resulted in WWII. Tom is the author of “Escape from Archangel, An American Merchant Seaman at War” and other books. We all appreciate those members traveling a long way to attend, Jack & Janet Cahall from Alabama, Bob Nissley from Florida and Gerald & Charlotte Teutsch from Shreveport, LA. The other members present were; Jim & Mitzi, Butch & Connie, Ernest & grandson, Mike & Rose, Mike & Vergie, Jim Mc, Bob & Judi, Ralph & Janet, Wille & Vita, Lloyd, Owen, Bill & Geneva and visitors Johnny Raymond and Lennet Guidry. “AIRBORNE” to Earl LeBlanc for reinstating his SFA membership.

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