(updated 08 Nov 2013)

Chapter article & photos submitted for "The Drop"
Submitted by Bob Moreau, Chapter XXX Drop Editor
08 Nov 2013

     The regular quarterly meeting was held on Saturday, October 26th 2013 at the Santa Fe Cattle Company in Prairieville, LA, a new meeting venue serving delicious food WITH a well stocked bar – at reasonable prices. President RUSS COPPING called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance and Chaplain Willie Stevens’ invocation. The Chaplain reported five members on “sick call”; HENRY COOK, BEN SEAL, ROBERT TATE, GERALD TEUTSCH and JACK VINCENT asking everyone to include them in our prayers. President COPPING recognized our guests; CSMs DOCK WHITTAKER & MELVIN JOHNSON, both AD with the 377th TSC – Chapter 81 President JOHN ARCENEAUX, ROLAND BREAUX, LENNET GUIDRY, BOBBY MARTIN & BOB ROMERO. Another special guest was REED F. (Cadillac) JOHNSON of the 46th SF CO (A) who is well known within the SFA community. We were very pleased to have him with us.
    JIM McCURRY, Chairman of the Teller Committee, reported on the nominations received for officer positions to serve 2014-2015. A short discussion was held and a vote taken. The new officers are; President TOM FIERKE, Vice President ART ZIESKE, Secretary JIM ANTHONY and Treasurer BOB MOREAU who will all be sworn in at the January 2014 meeting.
    Other activities participated in were. 1) August 18th the 377th TSC Change of Responsibility Ceremony at JRTC Belle Chase, LA. to CSM DOCK WHITTAKER from CSM DEL HOSKINS who was reassigned. CSM HOSKINS, a “get things done” guy, was a long time supporter and participant in Chapter XXX activities and will be missed. 2) August 22nd at Honor Our Heroes Award Ceremony at the National WWII Museum to honor all Louisiana Veterans from WWI to Operation Enduring Freedom. 3) Aug 24th New Orleans VFW’s Annual Fund Raiser for their activities which include services to returning veterans on VA Claims, job counseling, a pro-bono legal services and other assistance as needed. NOTE: members JIM ANTHONY, TOM FIERKE & BOB MOREAU attended all these three activities. 4) A number (28) of Chapter XXX Members served in the LA NG Co D, 20th SFG(A) from 1959 to 1972, several had interviews filmed by the LA NG MILITARY MUSEUM for the history program being developed.
Chapter 81 President JOHN ARCENEAUX spoke of their upcoming ceremony on Saturday November 16th at 1000 hrs in VETERANS PARK, Breaux Bridge, LA.dedicating a bronze statue honoring ALL Special Operations Soldiers Worldwide. The statue bears a strong resemblance to the “Bronze Bruce” at Ft. Bragg.
    The 377th TSC CSMs invited the Chapter Members to attend their Christmas Party which was accepted, details are forthcoming. TOM FIERKE explained the 377th TSC is the largest unit in the US ARMY with 24,000 troops and 12 GO reporting to the CG, MG LENNON. (TOM & BOB
MOREAU both served in the 377th but at different times.)
    OUR MEETINGS ARE HELD ON THE 4TH SATURDAY in the months of JAN, APR, JUL, & OCT. PLEASE FEEL FREE to visit with us. Check our website for the location and contact information.

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