Our Warriors

Chapter XXX's members have many sons, daughters, and relatives in the service of our country. We are proud of their commitment to our freedom. Shown below are just a couple of those who are now serving. If you would like us to post information about your relatives, please send the information to our webmaster. If you cannot send a digital picture, please mail a copy to the Chapter Post Office Box and we will scan it and return the original.

SSG Ben Plaia - Son of Ben and Donna Plaia served an initial 6 month tour in Croatia in 1997 as a counterintelligence agent. Between the end of 1997 and April 2002, he attended the Russian course at DLI and served in Germany as a CI agent. In April 2002 to November 2002 he served in Kosovo as the senior NCO on a HUMINT team, and returned to Germany in November 2002 from which he was sent to Kuwait in February 2003.

Ben was assigned as a team leader on a tactical HUMINT team (a relatively new but highly effective idea) and assigned to a maneuver battalion of the 3rd ID prior to the start of the war. Little did he know what that was going to mean at the time. Ben accompanied the 3rd ID all the way to Baghdad where he stayed there for approximately 3-4 weeks before being transferred to Mosul and assigned to the 101st ABN. He was awarded the Bronze Star, his citation describing his successful efforts in obtaining human intelligence under severely dangerous and trying conditions. The citation states that the intelligence he and his team gathered was extremely significant in the success of his unit's military operations and the saving of American lives and casualties.

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