Chapter XXX Photos

Mardi Gras 2008

This year we were honored  to have as our distinguished guest a Congressional Medal of Honr Recipient....Jon Cavaiani SGM (Ret).  You can view his citation using the following link:

We were privileged and honored this year to have our ride filmed by the Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV station.  The reporter was Mr. Charlie Whinham who did an excellent job of filming and editing the entire Parade with us.  He later included it in one of the station's news programs, running for six and one half minutes.  To view it click on the link below. 
Click on the link below, if it doesn't open up just copy it to your browser. When it opens up look at the top of the screen...there is a "box" and just next to it is a Box w/a "Down Arrow" click on it and select FEB the "Search". Look down to the date "15 FEB 2008" - VETERANS MARDI GRAS FLOAT and click on the "256k or 56k" and you're in:






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