The Green Berets (New Revised Edition)
by Robin Moore

A new edition of the Green Berets memorializing "The Wall". Includes new, hitherto unpublished Special Forces story about the rear echelon SF men who spent a few days in the field with A Teams and a photo of General Henry H. Shelton's A Team while a Captain in Vietnam in 1967. The chapter has a limited supply of these paperback books that are signed by the author. Those will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.
$14.95 (US) (Includes shipping in US)

Special Forces T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts

Our "first-edition" are just about gone, but we have a fairly full inventory of our "second edition" shirts. They are black, high quality 50/50 cotton polyester blend. Shirts do not come equipped with Bob Moreau as shown at right, but you can look as tough. Emblem features wings with Special Forces patch, Airborne and Special Forces Tabs. Checks and money orders should be made payable to:
Chapter XXX Special Forces Association
and sent to:
Box 310 Kenner, LA 70063-0310.
We have XXL, XL, L, and a few medium T- Shirts @ $15 each with $5 shipping, and XXL, XL, L, and a few medium sweatshirts @
$20 each plus $5.00 shipping.

Special Forces Christmas Cards

Two types from which to choose. Pen and ink sketches on fine linen-type card stock with envelopes, featuring SF Willie (below left) by Bill Maulden. Second card (below right) features modern green beret with multitude of smaller images showing air, land, and sea operations. Insides of each are the same. Our pictures below not do justice to the quality of the cards. Order 24 cards and envelopes for $7.00, includes postage and handling to you.

SF Willie (front)

SF Willie (inside)

Special Forces - The Legend

Special Forces Association
Belt Buckles

We are pleased to offer two versions of a western style Special Forces Association belt buckle, Member and Decader. They are made of brass, with nominal measurements of 3 1/2 in. wide by 2 3/8 inches high. They can accomodate belts up to approximately 1 1/4 ". Price, $15.00 includes shipping.

Payment should be made by money order or check, payable to
Chapter XXX Special Forces Association, and mailed to PO Box 310 Kenner, LA 70063-0310. Please allow five weeks for delivery unless otherwise posted below. Inquiries may be made by E-mail to the Chapter Secretary: Chapter XXX Secretary

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